Dog of the Week – 09-26-16

dog-of-the-week-eli-largeEli – Those of us with a soft spot for hounds adore the floppy ears, the nose to the ground, the soft-as-velvet eyes. To the point of tolerating the barking. Well, hound lovers, meet Eli. Quiet, clean, joyous. There will probably never be a hound easier to fall in love with.

Eli enjoys his buddies–people and dogs, but he’s just fine on his own. He can be seen loping around the field sniffing everything, or curled up on his bed, quiet as a mouse. He will sit with you while you rub his head, then check your hands for treats. Even if you have run out, Eli will grace you with his presence. Not for too long, though. There’s more exploring to be done, and that’s what Eli loves most.