Bobby – A low key kinda gal, Bobby is super sweet and affectionate with people she trusts and melts into a big puddle during gentle massages from people she knows. Bobby’s most adorable habit is to follow the sunbeams as they move across the room, soaking up the warm rays all day long. She even loves to be tucked in under a blanket to ensure a good nap.

Bobby is used to a crate and is quite comfortable in her own safe place. Going for walks is a favorite activity of hers and she is very well-mannered on a leash. Not big into toys, Bobby will happily run after a ball, but doesn’t see the value in retrieving it. For her, the game is all about the chase.

Bobby can take her time warming up to some people as if she is evaluating each one she meets to be sure they will treat her kindly. She’ll be most comfortable with a patient, low activity, adult family.

Approximate age: 5 years old

Watch Bobby’s action video