Video: Giddyup Gideon

Big as a pony and silly as a puppy, Gideon is all about play. 

Play with people, play with dogs, it makes no difference to him, he’s up for it all!  Although he’s a big boy, he is still just a young pup and is quickly learning from the other dogs how to play with tug toys, balls and Frisbees.  He’s eager to make friends and greets all the dogs with giant play bows! 

Gideon is also super affectionate with people and loves to sit on your feet and lean into your legs for some nice head rubs.  

Gideon will be a great addition to a family that wants to share their life with a big, affectionate, teddy bear of a dog.  Can’t you just hear the kids saying – “Giddyup Gideon”!