Hudson’s Nashville Adventure

Hudson has a fun day out – walks, treats & ice cream.  A perfect day for Hudson who has been at the shelter for far too long.  He takes his time warming up to people, but once your on his friend list, you’ll be there for life.

The most rewarding things in life are worth working for. And working to gain Hudson’s trust will result in a life-time, loyal companion. It takes a little extra time to get to know Hudson. At first, he doesn’t appear very interested in new people. He warms up at his pace, evaluating strangers to see if they are deserving of his loyalty. Perhaps he’s been let down by people one too many times and he’s not willing to open his heart to just any one.

However, if you spend time with Hudson – take him for a hike in the park or a walk in the neighborhood, he is an attentive companion who loves exploring new places.

Hudson’s a young dog, just 2 years old, with plenty of energy and a quick mind. He loves learning new things and will be a snap to train. And training is a great way for a new family to bond with Hudson! Hudson’s perfect family will include him in their active life – hiking, running and backpacking would all be things Hudson would enjoy.

One of our dog walking volunteers summed it up this way: “The thing I really enjoy about Hudson is that once he deems you trustworthy, he’s yours for life.”