Indiana Companion Animal Spay Neuter Fund Bill #001501

The Brown County Humane Society needs your help with the Indiana Companion Animal Spay Neuter Fund!

Eliminate the killing of pets in Indiana Shelters – Action needed – For the 3rd year in a row volunteers from the Brown County Humane Society have been working with other animal welfare advocates across Indiana to get legislation passed for a statewide spay/neuter fund.  This legislation is similar to those in New England which have eliminated the killing of shelter pets and saved taxpayers millions of dollars.  We hope this is the year for Indiana to take the step! 

Please sign the petition supporting Indiana Companion Animal Spay Neuter Fund – Indiana House Bill 1501.

The Raise Your Paws organization has put together information for your Indiana State Representatives and a call to action to contact them and sign the petition.  Here’s a quote from their website:


The Indiana Companion Animal Spay/Neuter Fund (ICASF) would create a statewide spay/neuter fund to make low cost spay/neuter accessible for the pets of Medicaid recipients. Veterinarians who choose to participate in the program will be reimbursed for each spay/neuter procedure.

Research has shown that cost is the most significant barrier for pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered. By making spay/neuter accessible and affordable, fewer animals enter shelters each year. In addition to preventing the tragic and unnecessary euthanization of tens of thousands of adoptable animals each year in Indiana, tax payers will benefit from the reduction in animal control costs.

Follow the links below to learn more:
Read the Bill | Fact Sheet | FAQ


In order to get this bill passed, it must meet all of the deadlines below. Sign the petition and urge our representatives to hear this bill!


Deadlines for the Indiana Companion Animal Spay Neuter Fund – Bill #001501

  • FEB 19: Deadline to be heard by the committee (if the bill isn’t granted a hearing, it will die here)
  • FEB 21: Deadline to be heard on the House floor
  • FEB 25: Deadline to be heard on the House floor for a second time

Take the time to contact your representatives and let your voice be heard

Indiana Companion Animal Spay Neuter Fund Committee Members

Rep. Timothy Brown                        <<—— EVERY PLEASE CALL AND EMAIL!!!
(317) 232-9650;   <<—— EVERY PLEASE CALL AND EMAIL!!!

Rep. Suzanne Crouch
(317) 232-9674;


Rep. Bob Cherry
(317) 232-9619;
Rep. Tom Dermody
(317) 232-9619;
Rep. Phyllis Pond
(317) 232-9816;
Rep. Dan Leonard
(317) 232-9793;
Rep. Jeff Thompson
(317) 232-9793;
Rep. Jim Baird
(317) 232-9671;
Rep. Steve Braun
(317) 232-9863;
Rep. Mike Karickhoff
(317) 234-9380;
Rep. Todd Huston
(317) 234-9380;
Rep. Sharon Negele
(317) 232-9816;
Rep. Randy Truitt
(317) 232-9643;
Rep. Harold Slager
(317) 232-9815;
Rep. Matt Ubelhor
(317) 232-9863;
Rep. Eric Turner
(317) 232-9815;
Rep. Greg Porter
(317) 232-9875;
Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon
(317) 232-9875;
Rep. Terry Goodin
(317) 232-9798;
Rep. Clyde Kersey
(317) 233-5248;
Rep. Sheila Klinker
(317) 232-9875;
Rep. David Niezgodski
(317) 232-9976;
Rep. Cherrish Pryor
(317) 234-9294;
Rep. Steve Stemler
(317) 234-9218;


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