“Thanks, foster family, for all the great cat toys you’ve bought me.  The fishing pole, the cat dancer and the track ball were all fun but, really, my favorite toy is a box lid and a jingle bell.”  

Tanner, is a low maintenance kitty.  He is happy to make toys out of whatever he finds in the house.  Boxes, paper bags, milk rings can keep this guy busy for hours! 

And when he’s worn himself out with all that play, he seeks out a warm lap to curl up in.  Do you have a lap to offer Tanner?  He will be forever grateful and is sure to bring joy to your home. 

Tanner has feline leukemia virus, but is very healthy right now and could be for a long time.  He can’t live with other kitties unless they also have the virus, but he can live happily with dogs.   

Playful and cuddly, Tanner will make a wonderful family companion.