Tanner1Tanner and toys – like cowboys and their hats – you seldom see one without the other.  

Tanner’s favorite toys are the “fishing pole” type because that means you are at the end of it and he loves interacting with people.  His foster family calls him a “dog cat” because he is always waiting at the door for them when they get home.  Tanner is also quite a talker.  He likes to have chatty conversations, especially at meal time. His little meews and meeps and meows are very entertaining and you just know he’s got important things to say.
He’s very social, happily entertaining guests during Colts games, especially if they’ll play with him at the same time. In the evenings, he likes to join the family on the couch (or lap) while they read or watch TV. During the day, he’s happy to entertain himself with his various toys, or watch the birds playing outside. He even helps his foster mom with her work for the Humane Society by curling up on her lap while she’s working at her desk.

Tanner is in foster care because he has feline leukemia (FeLV). That means that his immune system might be weaker than most cats and he’s more susceptible to illness. He’s happy and healthy and full of energy, but because FeLV is contagious to other cats, he should only live in a home with no cats, or with other FeLV+ cats. (FeLV does not affect other animals or people).

Tanner3Tanner gets along with his two canine roommates, but it took him a while to get to know them. New dogs are a little bit much, so a slow introduction would be best.

If you’re looking for a happy, playful, cuddly young cat, Tanner really fits the bill.  Call the shelter to make arrangements to meet him.  


Watch Tanner in action, taking on the box and the bell!