Robin knows a girl can’t get along just on good looks! But boy does she have them – expressive eyes, long soft ears, and stunning a coat.

However, her most outstanding trait is her ability to get along with everyone she meets, both dogs and people.

She’s befriended shy and apprehensive, Greta, and helped her come out of her shell. She can keep up with big, powerful Zorro and give him a run for his money. Watching Robin play with Carli is like watching a cross-country runner (Robin) play with a football player (Carli)! Robin runs, runs, runs and when Carli catches her, she bowls Robin over! Robin doesn’t mind. She gets up to do it again!

What is even more amazing is that Robin can happily entertain herself as long as she has a squeaky ball to play with.

She is also super sweet with people; although, maybe a little over the top with her kisses!

All in all, Robin is a joyful dog that spreads cheer to everyone she meets. If you’d like a little extra joy in your home, come see Robin!