Rosemary loves to explore new places, but does so very cautiously.  She’ll poke her head through a door and remain still as a mouse for minutes, before venturing through.  She studies new toys intently before jumping in to play with them. Bring a new box into the room and she’ll walk all the way around it multiple times before leaping in.

One thing she is not cautious about is new people.  She happily runs to anyone who visits her, eager to be picked up, at least for a minute, before she’s on to a new adventure. 

Rosemary loves to chase and wrestle with her sister Cranberry.  They sound like a herd of horses as they thunder through the room jumping from chair to trunk to desk.  No caution here either!

Rosemary has feline leukemia virus, but is healthy now and could be for a long time.  This virus is not contagious to people or dogs, but is to other cats.  She will need to be an only cat or live with other cats that have the virus.