Look up Diva in the dictionary and you just might see a picture of Vixen. 

This self-confident cat knows exactly what she wants and where she is going. 

Vixen reigns over the kitty room with kindness as long as her rules are followed. Rule 1: All human laps are to be available for her at all times. Rule 2:  No other kitties are to come within a foot of her, unless she invites them.   Rule 3:  The warmest, softest bed is reserved for her.  As long as everyone follows the rules, there is harmony in the kitty room. 

Vixen is super affectionate with people – always the first kitty to crawl into your lap when you sit down and she is content to sit in a lap for hours. 

Her emerald green eyes and stunning calico cat are perfect for her diva personality. 

Vixen has feline leukemia virus, but is very healthy now and could be for a long time.  This virus is not contagious to people or dogs, but is to other cats.  She will need to be an only cat or live with other cats that have the virus.