Video: Scooter Doo!

We’re just wondering if Scooter’s last name might be Doo.  Could he be related to Scooby Doo?

They share some personality traits!  Scooter is a ham – willing to do most anything to keep his buddies entertained – chase, turn somersaults, spin in the air, you name it and we’ve seen Scooter do it!  A carefree, goofy boy, Scooter has lots of friends, human and canine, at the shelter and enjoys going on adventures with them – out to the playyard, down to the creek, wherever anyone will take him!

He’s even convinced our shyest little dog to relax enough to wrestle with him.

Loved by all, Scooter Doo is a hero to his friends!  Does your family need a hero?  Come visit Scooter Doo!