Remember Sherman?

He’s the kitty that hid under a chair for 10 days before he decided his foster family was OK.

Sherman is now a huge fan of feather toys and will play for hours – chasing and pouncing.  When done he loves to have his head rubbed and will roll over for belly rubs, too.

Sherman is super friendly with people he trusts and will jump in your lap for cuddle time.  He is still cautious around people he doesn’t know, so a new family will need to be patient with him.

Unfortunately, Sherman has Feline Leukemia Virus. He is very healthy and to look at him you would never know he had the virus. FeLV kitties can sometimes live for years with few issues.

Sherman will need to be the only kitty in a new home or he could live with other FeLV kitties and he’s fine with dogs.

Sherman is hopeful a loving family will fall in love with who he is and overlook that little virus he has.

Will you give Sherman a chance? Note: FeLV is not transmissible to humans or dogs.