Tyler has had a most unusual life for a cat, and not in a good way. He is counting on you to help him finally find a little kitty normalcy in his life. 

You see, from the time Tyler was a kitten until he was 3 years old he lived in horrible conditions, where cats were allowed to breed indiscriminately and were pretty much neglected by their caregivers. 

In Nov 2012, the home he was living in was raided and he came to live at the Brown County Humane Society animal shelter.  Here he received the veterinary care he needed and was provided a safe place to live; however, Tyler has struggled.  Because of his early living situation, he was never really socialized to people, so he’s had a hard time adjusting to shelter life. 

He has come a long way and we are proud of him.  Tyler actually enjoys attention now, when he’s in his kitty condo. He loves to have his chin scratched and is especially fond of having his  behind scratched. He’s still shy outside of his condo, but he’s very curious and is eager to learn about playing.  

So far half of Tyler’s life has been in a hoarder’s home and half has been in a shelter.  It’s time Tyler experienced what life should be for a cat – a quiet, loving home with patient people who will let Tyler blossom into a happy cat at his own speed.
We’ve done a lot of promoting of Tyler, but no adopter has stepped up.  We are reaching out to you, our caring supporters, and asking you to send this link to everyone you know.  The right home is out there for Tyler, we just need your help to find it.
Spread the word.  Tyler needs a home!  You can help!