Charismatic Timmy captivates all who meet him. 

The first thing you’ll notice are his soft, gentle eyes.  Next the long, velvety ears and sleek body. 

The best thing is, he’s so calm and relaxed while being petted and he’ll sit back and enjoy it for as long as someone is willing to pay attention to him.  

Another side of this charismatic young dog, is his love of adventure.  Taking Timmy for a walk is all about exploring – what’s behind this bush, what’s under that rock, who’s up in the tree.  Timmy checks it all out and has a blast doing it! 

Actually, his little adventuresome side has gotten him into a bit of trouble a time or two as he doesn’t mind going exploring on his own.  Just a little mischievious, he’ll need a family willing to keep a close eye on him.  And speaking of families, Timmy gets along great with other dogs and wouldn’t mind having a playmate or two.