When Two is Better Than One

You know the saying, ‘Two is better than one’? This can also true when adopting pets! If you’re thinking of adopting a new pet for your family, you might want to consider adopting two together.

The most obvious benefit for adopting two is for the pets themselves. With another pet in the home, they can have a companion and become better socialized. More socialization allows pets to become confident and teaches them how to act appropriately when introduced to new dogs or cats, or even people. Having a friend to play with can also decrease behavioral problems, as it prevents boredom. And, while they’re being entertained by their companion, you’re sure to be entertained by their playful antics.

In addition to having another companion for your dog or cat, you’ll have another companion for you and your family. This could mean twice as many snuggles, or that you always have a backup snuggler in case one of them prefers to have some alone time.

Having a pet is linked to a number of great benefits for owners; including improved mood and health, encouraging emotional development in children, and even decreasing allergies in kids. It should come as no surprise then that having two pets might compound these amazing benefits, and even add a few more!

While there are a number of great benefits to adopting two pets together, there are also a few considerations to remember:

Like people, not all dogs and cats get along with other dogs and cats. If you’re considering adopting two pets from the shelter, the staff will know which dogs and cats like each other and can make recommendations accordingly. If you already have a pet at home and are thinking of adding a new one, make the introductions slowly. The more time you give them to adjust to each other, the better chance of success. Again, the staff at the shelter can help you with this.

Finally, even though you may have two or more pets at home, be sure to give each pet one-on-one time to ensure they feel nurtured and cared for.

So don’t be afraid to adopt two together, because two tails can be better than one!