If Anka had to work for a living, he would likely be a criminologist or maybe an aerospace engineer.

He likes to analyze a situation, reserving judgement until he’s gathered all the information. Before he decides, “is this person going to be nice or “is it safe to go through this gate he likes to think about it. But once he makes a decision, he’s all in!

The first few times he went to the play yard he just poked around, investigating. And then one day he decided, hey, this is a cool place to be. Now he is a silly goofball with the Giggle ball! And he loves to chase tennis balls!

He meets people and other dogs the same way, with a bit of healthy skepticism. If you pass muster, he declares you his best friend for life! His favorite trick is to shake paw for a treat. With his friends, he’s now relaxed and likes to lean on their legs for pets.

We know Anka has even more personality that he hasn’t revealed at the shelter yet. It will be so rewarding to take this boy home and watch him blossom!


Approximate age: 5 years old
Weight: 68 pounds