Bramble is a diamond in the rough.

With just a little bit of work she will become a precious jewel of a dog.  Right now, she’s a young pup with lots of energy that she doesn’t know what to do with.  At 8 months old, it doesn’t appear that anyone has tried to teach her anything, but boy is she smart.  To get attention she jumps but with just a few treats and consistent reinforcement she quickly learned that if she keeps all four paws on the ground she’ll get a yummy treat.  She’s very attentive and eager to please anyone that works with her.  You can almost see that brain of hers spinning to figure out how to get the next cookie.

Bramble is on the petite side – just 30 pounds and that’s a good thing because she enjoys leaning into laps.

Come meet Bramble and see this diamond for yourself.