Brinley is everything you think of when you think “cat”. She is affectionate until she decides that’s enough. She enjoys playing with toys until she decides she’s bored. Then, she is content to entertain herself with a stroll around the room or letting the staff know exactly how she feels with the cutest chirping noise you’ve ever heard. 
At the shelter, she enjoys supervising the daily activities (someone has to keep us in line!). Her inquisitive eyes never miss a thing and while she likes to watch everything, she is not pushy to be involved in the action. Just observing from a distance is more her style.
While she may not be the best snuggler right now, she still enjoys affection from her humans. At 3 years old, she is still young and just has too many things to do to lay around in your lap all day. A nice window perch so she can watch the world go by is just what she is looking for. Brinley is a great mix of sassy and independent and ready for a home to call her own.