When meeting Koby it takes about 30 seconds to figure out what he enjoys the very most in life. 

Throw a ball – no, he doesn’t really care.  Splash in the creek – okay, but not a big deal.  Hang out with other dogs – tolerable.  Get attention from people – YES!!  That’s it.  That is what Koby loves! 

He is perfectly happy doing absolutely nothing but spending time with his peeps.  A few pets and a treat or two and Koby is one happy dog.  You can see his dark, brown eyes get all squinty when he rolls over for a belly rub.  That’s Koby’s happy place! 

As with any dog, a walk is good exercise for Koby and he’s happy to go along.  Since he’s a dream to walk on a leash, it’s enjoyable for everyone.  

Koby just wants to be loved!