From the moment you sit down next to Cuervo, he will begin to rub up against you to be sure you see him. Once you pet him, he will roll over on his side and make the cutest little air biscuits and stare up at you with eyes full of pure happiness. If you look too long, you may find yourself falling in love.

Cuervo has become a completely different cat in the weeks he has spent at the shelter. When he first arrived, he was scared of everything – people, noises, all of it. Cuervo doesn’t seem to have had a lot of interaction with people. But, once he figured out he was safe and being cared for, he began to transform into a sweet boy.

He has learned that people are pretty nice and come with lots of pets and treats. And, it is a toss-up which of these he likes more! And, if you happen to have both, then you have a friend for life.