Our sweet boy Cuervo has been waiting for his forever home for 135 days now. Here at the shelter he just doesn’t stand out and when people go in to meet him, he would get stressed and scared. Which made it very hard to really get to know him in a short amount of time.

Cuervo was also stressed at the shelter. He had started pulling out his hair and scratching constantly. We switched his food and that helped some, but it was obvious that stress might be a bigger contributor to this behavior than an allergy. So, Cuervo is now in a foster home.
The first several days he hid and only came out at night when everyone was asleep. But, after just a few days he realized he was safe and began to venture out. Now, he is like Velcro most of the time 😊 But, in a very polite and loving way as you can see by his video. He even lives amicably with the fosters’ resident dogs! His foster just sent us this video and even his fur looks so much healthier now that he has settled in and is no longer stressed at the shelter.
This amazing boy deserves a quiet forever home that will give him tons of love. If you would be interested in meeting Cuervo, please complete an online application and an adoption counselor will reach out. We would love to schedule a virtual meet and greet with him at his foster home so you have the chance to see the “real” Cuervo instead of the “shelter” Cuervo.