Georgie must have been the first born of her siblings.  She’s a typical big sister that loves youngsters but likes to be the leader.  Georgie has become our “go to” for new dog introductions.  She loves to encourage other dogs with play bows but she also likes to be in charge, letting other dogs know when to calm down.

She especially likes to get the leash of another dog and take them for a walk!  If that doesn’t work, she’ll grab her own leash and take herself for a walk.

Like a first born, she is confident and thrives on pleasing people.  She loves to work for treats and gets very excited about making people happy.  Georgie enjoys being petted and will lean into your legs just soaking up the affection.

An all around terrific dog, Georgie is looking forward to having a family of her own.
Approximate age:  4 years