Handsome Hank is not a fan of being kenneled at the shelter. He’s far to social for that! Each day he is given extra people attention to keep him happy. Today he went to a volunteer’s house to relax and enjoy some individual companionship. What fun he had!

Hank really enjoyed taking a walk in the woods and along the lake. He loves to use his hound nose to explore all the smells. He found a box turtle and slowly approached for a sniff. After briefly checking it out, he was ready to move on! An agile boy, he leapt onto a log and balanced on it while peering into the trees. Hank’s an easy boy to walk and he sure enjoys all the new smells.

It’s hard to know what his favorite thing of the day was, but at the top of the list was likely being able to run full blast off-leash in the big yard. Boy is he fast! You could just see the joy in his eyes as he whizzed by. With just a call of his name, he would take a few minutes to stop for pets. And then he was off again!

Inside the house Hank was curious and polite. He liked exploring each room and enjoyed stretching out on a big bed. He was fascinated with looking out the window from the second floor! Maybe there was a squirrel at eye level!

Hank is a sweetheart of a dog and is available for adoption from the Brown County Humane Society. He is approximately 6 years old and weighs 45 pounds. If interested in adopting Hank, complete an application at: https://www.bchumane.org/adoption-application/