Approximate Age: 2 years
Weight: 70 lbs.

This beautiful girl is stunning. Inga’s amber eyes are the first thing you’ll notice, followed by her adorable big ears and gorgeous coat.

Inside, she’s just as beautiful! It might take a minute to get to know that side of her because she is reserved when meeting new people. A few treats, soft talk and slow movement go a long way! As soon as she knows your intentions are good she declares you her best friend and will sit close for pets.

Inga has a playful side and enjoys chasing balls. Sometimes she’ll bring them back and sometimes she’ll let you go find them! She is also eager to learn and has mastered catching treats midair. She loves learning new tricks. Sweet, smart and playful. We can’t wait to see which lucky family she’ll end up with!

Inga is eligible for our Foster to Family program. You can take her home for up to 2 weeks to see if she is the perfect fit for your home before officially adopting! Stop by the shelter to learn more about her or the Foster to Family program. Or complete an online application and a staff member will follow up to answer any questions.