Karl – deer, cat, rabbit or dog? We think he’s a little of each!

The way he gracefully flies through the air and with his size and coloring, you’ll think deer. Then watch him hop from side to side and front to back when playing with other dogs and you’ll be reminded of a rabbit. Scratch his back and he gleefully arches his back asking for more pets, just like a cat. But his gentle, kind personality is all dog!

Karl walks nicely on a leash and is just now learning what toys are. He’s a quick learner and with one 5 minute training session figured out to sit for treats.

We love this guy’s gentle nature and know you will, too. Come meet Karl!

Approximately 2 years old and 34 pounds.

See all the available pets at the Brown County Humane Society at: https://www.bchumane.org/adopt/