Whoa…. Mack – as much as you want to be a lap dog you’re more like a pony! A true gentle, giant Mack loves to be loved on. He’ll sit by your side with his giant head on your knee making it extra easy to reach him for head pats. And yes, if you let him, he’ll climb on the couch with you and try to wiggle his way onto your lap. He’s also content to stretch out on the floor for a snooze if everyone’s settled in for the evening, but one move and he’s up to see what he might be able to help you with. In addition to hanging out in the house with his favorite people (that’s pretty much everyone!), Mack loves to go for car rides. He’s amazingly agile for such a big dog and he easily hops into the car with little effort. His foster mom has commented on how easy he is to live with! If you love the big dogs and are looking for a loyal friend, Mack’s the perfect dog for you!

Approximate Age: 5 years
Weight: 110 pounds