Moby – We had no idea when we first named Moby, how appropriate that name was.  Of course, we knew he was a big boy, so naming him after a whale made sense but later we found out how much he loves the water.  So Moby is perfect for him!

In addition to loving the water, Moby is also a great hiker, always eager to explore new things.  Moby also likes just hanging out with his closest friends.  Watching television with his bestie makes for a perfect afternoon for Moby.

Moby’s had some rough times in his life which has made him leery of strangers.  For people he’s met he is a fun-loving, loyal dog.  However, introductions to new people need to be taken slowly and cautiously.  But once you’re in his inner circle, you’ve got a friend for life!

Moby will do best in a low-key home where not a lot of different people come and go.  He will need a family dedicated to ensuring his interactions with strangers are appropriately managed. To help Moby succeed in his new home a free consultation with a trainer will be provided to his adopter.  To meet Moby, call the shelter to set up an appointment.  812-988-7362.

Approximate age:  5-6 years