Video:  Soulful Saul

Just looking at his face, you can see that Saul has a deep and loving soul. We don’t know where he’s been on his journey, but we can tell it wasn’t all good. He came to us all skin and bones, with his ears covered in fly bites. He was so thin and tired; we honestly weren’t sure whether he could rally enough to keep going. But Saul’s spirit is strong and he decided he had more to do. Soon he began to put on weight and became perkier by the day.

Like many older dogs, Saul doesn’t see or hear well, but that doesn’t keep him from enjoying his short walks and long naps. He mostly loves to be near those who care for him and treat him kindly. He’s gentle and easy-going and so full of love. Although his poor eyesight seems to make him uncomfortable with other dogs, but he’s been fine with the cats in his foster home.

Saul would just like to find that perfect family that will pamper him in his golden years, however long that may be. The reward will be his unconditional love.