Video:  Tyson’s Day Out

After six months in the shelter, Tyson really needed a day out.  He went to hang out at a volunteer’s home for the afternoon.  What fun he had!

He showed off his good manners, went for a walk in the woods and waded in the lake.  He played with a squeaky toy and learned to jump on the sofa.  Tyson was so relaxed that at the end of the day he got up on a bed and shut his eyes.  It was wonderful to see what a gentlemen he is in a home.

Shelter life is pretty stressful for him and it’s difficult for visitors to get to know the real Tyson.  His Day Out video gives a taste of the wonderful companion he can be.  There’s lots of play and lots of cuddle in this big boy!

Tyson’s been waiting patiently for a family to fall in love with him.  Could that be you?