If awards were given to the shelter dogs, Zeus would nab two – “Most Improved” and “Best Dancer”.

Zeus has blossomed from a terrified-of-everyone guy to one who eagerly greets his friends at the kennel gate. He has learned that people=fun, food and friends! It just takes a few treats for new people to earn his trust and become a friend for life. His confidence is growing each day.

Using treats to gain his trust has shown us another talent of his – dancing! He is so focused on his partner that he will follow their every move – up, back, right, left, spin around – he’s right there with you, just like a dance partner. Simply adorable!

Zeus is most relaxed when playing ball. It’s such fun to watch him “pounce” on the ball with both front feet and kick it around like a soccer ball. We are so proud of the progress that Zeus has made and are looking forward to finding a patient family that will continue to show him that people=fun, food & friends!

Approximate Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 54 pounds