MRSWIt’s National Grandparents Day, and while there are tons of stories about how special our own pets are to us, there aren’t a whole lot about why our children’s pets hold such special places in our hearts. Grand-dogs and grand-kitties (and grand-pets of all kinds) are wonderful additions that remind us of what it means to be a family – both in silly and serious ways!



  • They give you an excuse to spoil! After just a few visits, your grand-pets know as soon as you walk in the door that some extra snacks and attention are in order.


  • You get to spend one-on-one time with your kids’ pets, without the full responsibility of taking care of them every day. A few hours with a young pup or a weekend with a playful cat is sometimes just the thing you need to brighten your week. You get the snuggly and purr-y side of pet-ownership with less of the grooming, training, vet-visiting side. Pet-sitting your grand-dog or grand-kitty is usually a wonderful experience for both you and animal – and can allow your children a weekend getaway!


  • They also allow you to do fun things together with your children. The two of you can go on walks with the dog together or spend a relaxing afternoon sharing stories with a cat in your lap. Pets bring out the best in people, and also bring people together!


  • Most importantly, grand-dogs and grand-kitties allow you to see a side of your children that you have helped to nurture. There is something truly special about seeing the values you have instilled in a person manifest themselves in different ways. Maybe you raised pets along with your kids during their childhood years and taught them the proper way to love and care for animals. Maybe you encouraged activities such as 4-H or volunteering for an animal shelter, and helped foster a sense of responsibility and empathy towards all creatures. Whatever you did, you helped bring together a person and a furry friend in a very special way – and we think that’s great! We hope you enjoy your Grandparents day with all of your loved ones – big, small, furry, young, and old!