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Serving Pets Outreach Team

Spayed/neutered over 3200 Brown County pets in 4.5 years
Reduced shelter intake by 49% in 4.5 years
Assisted with over 25 feral cat colonies
Provided over 10,000 lbs of pet food to needy families in 2013
Provided low cost vaccines to over 200 pets in 2013

Brown County has 2X more pets entering it’s shelter than the national average.  SPOT is dedicated to eliminating pet
overpopulation and helping keep pets with their families.

If you or someone you know needs financial assistance to get
a pet fixed, call 812-703-0797. We are here to help.

Be on the lookout for the SPOT van as it delivers supplies and
help to dogs and cats throughout Brown County.


S.P.O.T. Mission:

Strengthen the bond between pet guardians & pets
Promote spay/neuter to eliminate pet overpopulation
Offer education to support responsible pet ownership
Together Saving Lives

Call SPOT at 812-703-0797 if you…


S.P.O.T. is making a difference – over 3200 spay/neuters done in 4.5 years leading to 49% fewer pets entering the shelter.  If you believe in S.P.O.T.’s mission, please consider making a donation.