CurleySue2Meet Curley Sue. She’s come a long, long way from the skeleton of a dog that was found along the highway and rescued by a Good Samaritan. Unable to use her back legs, covered in burrs and mats and with a dull, vacant look in her eyes, Curley Sue’s future was very uncertain.

Fortunately, after lots of care and affection in foster care, a couple of vet visits, plenty of good nutrition, and time, Curley Sue is ready to find her forever home. Now there’s a little pep in her step and a twinkle in her eyes. Her coat is silky and soft and her ears perk up when someone pays attention.

Best of all, her sweet, gentle personality is shining through.

Curley Sue has been in foster care, where she’s learned to love napping and socializing. She enjoys the company of the cats and dogs in her foster home, but is also content to be on her own. If you’d like, she’ll gently lay her head on your lap while you pet her, and is happy to be nearby in case you need her. If you’re busy, she’ll find a nice place to rest out of your way. when company comes over, she’ll happily go from one person to the next if they’d like to say hello.

CurleySue3There’s no denying that Curley Sue has some health issues. She doesn’t get around very well and can’t manage stairs. She takes daily medication, but is quite happy to do it as long as there’s a hot dog involved!

Curley Sue has had a tough journey. Now she’s looking for the last stop, where she can finally rest and know what it’s like to just be happy, safe, and loved.