Video: Aah, Nyla!

The first word most people say when they meet Nyla is aah!

Aah, she’s so beautiful!  Aah, she’s so playful!  Aah, she’s so smart!  Aah, she is so energetic!

Nyla is all that and more.  She is unique with her beautiful flowing, chocolate coat and big curly tail.  She reminds you of a half-sized Chow Chow and indeed she is part Chow as well as Australian Shepherd and Italian Greyhound, according to her DNA test!

Her former family spent lots of time teaching her manners and she is quite well-behaved.  She is an active girl and will need a family willing to give her lots of playtime and exercise.  The time spent being active with her will pay off with lots of love and affection!

Come meet this beauty.  We’re betting you, too, will say Aah, Nyla!