Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

Bogart5Millions of wonderful, healthy, shelter animals die every year waiting for homes. It’s getting better, but there are still more animals than there are homes. One reason is that some people still have the belief that there’s something “wrong” with shelter animals.  So on April 30th of each year, we celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. The purpose of the day is to remind people of all of the amazing pets available at your shelter and why “adopt, don’t shop!” is such an important mission.

Rather than tell you all of the reasons why adoption is a great option and that there’s nothing wrong with shelter pets, we thought we’d just show you. Here are some photos of our recent shelter guests in their new homes.  They were sent to us by their new families, to express how happy they were to have their new pet in their life.

Looking at the photos, hopefully you’ll see that there’s nothing wrong with these animals. They’re bringing joy and happiness to their families. What else matters?

Darrell4 Ellie May2
Curley Sue Jetta2
Mia_Jackson TippyToes_Hercules
Poppy Baxter3
Riley2 macey
Brody Thunder6
jazzy  Grayson
Carli1 candi2