Cat of the Week - Turtle largeTurtle – The face. The long locks of hair. The gorgeous coloring. Turtle certainly is handsome. But he’s so much more than that!

Turtle is a very friendly boy. He loves attention and goes right up to everyone who visits. He’s very playful, too. He’s been known to tumble and tussle with the kittens, sometimes letting them win, sometimes reminding them who’s boss.

When he’s had his fill of fun, Turtle will lay down beside you and lean into your body. He likes having the connection with you. Then, with a deep sign, he’ll close his eyes and fall into a peaceful sleep, preferably while you scratch his head and chin.

A boy as stunning as Turtle does need some care and pampering. Regular daily brushing will help keep his fur up to his standards, but it’s a wonderful way to bond with him.