Boo Boo is an older gentleman who enjoys the simple things in life: some love, some food and a nice quiet place to snooze. He is a bit shy when you first meet him, but it doesn’t take him long to warm right up and seek out your attention.
His foster mom shared that Boo Boo loves to be nearby, but isn’t super needy. He is very laid back except when it comes to the vacuum and electric toothbrush – he does not appreciate either of these items or the noises they make 🙂
Boo Boo would make a great addition to any family as he is still playful, but knows his manners and adores children. His foster mom shared with us: “My 8 year old nephew stayed at my house recently and Boo Boo absolutely loved him. It may have been what made him come out of his shell. He just went right up for pets and was rubbing on my nephew and my nephew even got him purring. He didn’t climb into his lap or anything, and doesn’t seem to be a lap cat quite yet, but did sleep nearby.”