If ever there was a good example for “HANGRY” Layla is it. A beautiful and petite girl on the outside, she is affectionately referred to as “Devil Cat” because of her fierce protection of her food.

Layla was starving when she arrived and seems to think she needs to fight for every bite of sustenance. If you get anywhere near her when there’s food involved, a low growl starts to emanate from within that tiny ball of fluffiness, growing louder and fiercer the closer you get.  In case you’re thinking of taking the food back, that growl continues on until every bite is gone.

But within that fierce little creature-of-the-night is the desire for love and affection. As she’s begun to feel safe, she reaches out and calls for attention, her little meow sounding so cute and gentle. She enjoys short pets and scratches and will even let loose with a little purr now and then. The amount of time between how long you can pet her before she tries to kill you is getting longer and longer.

We predict that once she feels safe and realize that she WILL get food every day, she’ll relax and become the sweet and precious darling she was born to be.