It was simply a big misunderstanding and we admit it. Previously, we described Mila as a sassy girl who wanted nothing to do with affection. While she for sure still has some catitude, we have learned that she very much enjoys human companionship.
So how were we so far off the mark in our original assessment of Mila?? That’s the beauty of foster homes! They can give you a true read of a cat’s personality. Once Mila got in a quiet home without a bunch of shelter commotion and cats everywhere, she was able to relax and be her sweet self.
It may take a couple of days, but once Mila is comfortable she quickly comes out of her shell and shows her loving side (and even channels her inner Madonna – check out her second photo!). Her foster mom shared this about Mila:
“If I sit on the couch, Mila’s going to sit right down next to me. If she wants attention she’ll let me know by trying to get her face close to my face. She will also stand on her back legs with her front paws on my chair. If she cannot get in my lap, she settles for as close by my side as she can get.”
“When she is ready to play she will zoom from one side of the room to another to get your attention. She will then stop and get in her pounce position (complete with cute back-end wiggles) and will eagerly pounce and hunt a dangly toy or feather toy – her favorite!”
Mila is old enough to know what she wants and that is a home where she is queen of the castle and her only servants are the big humans (smaller ones make her nervous). She is also simply too regal to share her kingdom with other animals.