Spooky – At first, you might think Spooky is nervous about people. He likes to stay in his condo, curled up in his bed. But really, he’s just comfortable. He loves it if you reach in and rub his tummy or scratch his head. Try to take your hand away and he’ll wrap his paws around you and hold on. Then he’ll roll and squirm and cuddle as long as you’ll let him, all the while purring with happiness.

Spooky has taken a little longer to get comfortable with the shelter space, but he’s started to venture out into the big room to explore. Fortunately, his “comfort” place is with you. If he gets nervous, he’ll come back to you for reassurance and petting.

Spooky is just looking for a nice place he can settle into, where he knows you’ll keep him safe. Wouldn’t that be a nice thing to give him?