Cat of the Week – 09-12-16

cat-of-the-week-lennon-largeLennon – This beautiful girl has had a tough life. She lost her first home at a very young young age when her guardian became ill. Her second guardian moved and abandoned her in the freezing cold. A third family gave her a loving home, but she was terrified of their other animals.

Now Lennon has has a condition which causes occasional neurological episodes. Many things have been ruled out, but no diagnosis has been found and she may need some ongoing care.

Despite it all, Lennon remains sweet, gentle, and playful.

She’s now in a quiet and comforting foster home, where she can relax and get lots of loving attention. Lennon deserves a forever home just like that, with birds to watch and soft blankets to snuggle in. She has so much love and affection to give.

Make an appointment to meet Lennon! Call 812-988-7362.