Felix is a member of our Big Boys Club, the current roster of very big, very lovable boys looking for adoption (Felix, Avery, George). He’s the biggest/longest of them all.

Felix is a pacifist–a live-and-let-live kind of guy. He’s outgoing, social, and happy and even when others might pick on him, he doesn’t mind. He calmly accepts their outbursts, then goes along his business of loving you. He’s curious, always following the action in the room with his eyes. He gets along with everyone–cats, dogs, people, kids.

Felix is declawed and we were able to have declaw repair surgery done for him. He had numerous bone fragments in his paws, which must have been causing terrible pain. In spite of that, he has been friendly and sweet.

Felix has the personality we all aspire to…kind, loving, and welcoming of all.