Cat of the Week – 12-19-16

Barb – There’s something special about Barb that you can’t quite put your finger on. Sure, she’s gorgeous, with her big, round green eyes. She has a look of perpetual wonderment, as though she’s seeing everything for the first time. But that’s not it.

Of course, when she looks at you, she only has eyes for you and no one else. But that’s not it.

She has a perky little meow of happiness when she sees you coming, excited to know that she’s going to get to give you her attention. But that’s not it either.

Maybe it’s her mix of gentle sweetness and playful girlishness. Or maybe it’s the way she brushes up against you when she’s happy, leaning into you for extra comfort.

Whatever it is, Barb is pretty special and anyone who gets to be with her is special, too.