“Hey, Chevy, are you from Texas?”.

Everything about this dog is Texas big – from his head, to his neck, to his personality, to his heart. Two hands spread as far apart as they can go won’t go around Chevy’s neck – maybe he’s training to be a linebacker. His head is as big as a platter.

And that huge personality – he trots across the play yard likes he owns the world, and then gently sits next to you and gives a kiss. Give him a rope toy and he’ll shake, shake, shake, then drop it and come over for a pet. Super eager to please, he sits in seconds flat for a treat and then takes it so gently!

Chevy is even well-mannered on a leash. If he wanted, he could drag you across a field without any effort, but instead he trots along and takes care to wait for you to catch up. Chevy is a big, strong boy who enjoys attention from his human companions.

Approximate Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 90 pounds