Dog of the Week - KodyBorn Freeeee!
As free as the wind blows.
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart.

Kody is a lion at heart, like the ones in the movie Born Free. He sees himself as the King of the wilderness, running free with the wind blowing in his ears, no fence or wall holding him back. Unfortunately, for his own safety, fences and walls are a necessity in his life. He just needs to know that with the right fence or wall (TALL), he can still chase his tennis balls and zoom to his hearts content. He can still experience the warm sun on his back and the cool grass on his belly, the gentle breeze on his face. He can also learn to enjoy the comfort of a soft indoor bed, a cozy cuddle, and a full belly.

Kody needs to know that there’s no need to jump over the fence, because everything he could possible want is right where he is.