One look at Merlin and you just want to give him a big hug. That roly-poly, doe-eye look reminds you of a giant, fluffy teddy bear. And like a huggable teddy bear, he is super sweet with his close family, enjoying attention and affection.

He’s got a playful puppy side to him, too – chasing balls and frisbees. He’s also a great student, eager to learn tricks for treats.

Even though he is gentle with his family, he is frightened by new people and can be unwelcoming to house guests. A new family for Merlin will need to work with a trainer to help Merlin be more comfortable around people visiting his home. Because of this a free consultation with a trainer will be provided to his adopter. With proper guidance and management Merlin can learn to accept new people into his world and be a valued family member.

Merlin is currently in a foster home and we are learning so much more about him, his likes and dislikes and how to manage his interactions with strangers.  Merlin has been in and out of the shelter system for about half of his life.  It really is time for him to find his forever home, with people he trusts who will always love him.

Who do you know that would give Merlin all the love he needs?

Approximate age:  4 yrs