Looking for a little calm during this crazy time?  Someone to warm your lap while you read a book?  Someone to rest his head on your knee while you do a puzzle?  Someone to gaze adoringly at you while cook up a yummy meal?  Look no further, Luigi is your guy!

Easy going Luigi loves to be with people, not in a demanding way, but in a gentle , “I’m here if you need me” way.  Luigi does enjoy a little outdoor time, maybe a short game of you throw the ball, I’ll run after it (note:  don’t expect him to retrieve it!).

Exploring on walks in the neighborhood are fun for Luigi, too, although you may need to teach him about social distancing as he’ll want to greet everyone he meets!

To meet Luigi, call the shelter at 812-988-7362 and set up an appointment to visit this super sweet guy.

Approximate age:  5 years
Weight:  38 pounds