We are sure Shelley has quite a story to tell but we will probably never know what it is. What we do know is – whatever adversity she endured prior to coming to the shelter she conquered and came out on top with the most amazing love of life.

Her happy attitude is personified by the all the play bows she does. She wants to be everyone’s friend and that’s her way of letting you know. Shelley revels in just running across the yard, like it’s the best experience she’s ever had. Just watching Shelley will bring a smile to your face and you can’t help but enjoy the moment with her!

No doubt, Shelley still looks a little rough. Her hair has not completely grown back and neither have her eye lashes. When she first arrived her skin was raw with infection and her eyes terribly inflamed. With antibiotics and soothing bathes, she is looking and feeling better, but it will take time to for her skin to heal completely.

Fortunately, her spirits are high and she is ready to share the rest of her life with a loving family.

Approximate Age: 5 years
Weight: 60 pounds