Dog of the Week – 03-13-17

Sampson – Who knew what a handsome and gentle dog was hiding behind that initial rough exterior.  A tincture of time, a little TLC, and a trip to the vet have made Sampson feel oh so much better.  He was a bit of a mess when he first arrived – hair missing, itchy skin, and painful eye made him uncertain about his surroundings.  Now that all the medical stuff is taken care of, his real personality is emerging and what a sweetheart he is.

After just a bit of exercise, Sampson settles down nicely and enjoys lots of attention and pets although, he’s not at all demanding.  If you’ve got other things to do, he’s perfectly fine just supervising your work.  Just 8 years old, he still has plenty of pep and enjoys taking walks in the fields and creek.  This big, handsome boy would love to share a leisurely life with a laid back family.

Watch Sampson in action in his video.