Video:  Oscar – the snuggle bunny

Oscar – the snuggle bunny.  Morning, noon or night, Oscar is always ready to nestle in by your side to take a nap.  Sofa, bed, chair or floor, it’s all the same to him – if you are sitting he’ll be right there next to you.  He loves to bury his little nose in the crook of your elbow where he’s warm and secure and he seems to always end up under the covers.

But don’t let all that snoozing fool you – he could also be called the energizer bunny.  His two favorite busy activities are taking walks and working for treats.  Smart as a whip, Oscar is eager to learn new tricks and makes a big game of figuring what he can do to earn a treat.  It’s great fun thinking of new things to teach him.

Twice daily walks are a must for this guy.  He enjoys hiking on new trails and checking out all the interesting smells.  Walking on downed logs and narrow ledges is great fun for Oscar, he looks like a balance beam champion!

Oscar has special needs and requires a low-key, stable, predictable life with a family willing to give him lots of daily exercise and love.  He suffers from anxiety and compulsive behavior which can cause him to hurt himself.  There is likely a genetic component to his anxiety and this will have to be managed his entire life with medication, exercise and routine.

Oscar is in a foster home.  You can call the shelter at 812-988-7362 to make arrangements to meet him.